Satan's Abandoned Child

by Abraham and Michelle Torres
(Yuma, Arizona)

A few nights ago a teenager named Eric Riley was out at a party in the counties. The party was located in an isolated farm next to a large canal. Eric was having a great time at the party but it was getting late. Eric needed to get home since he had a lot of work to do the next morning. As he was leaving a few friends had asked him if he wanted to go to another party but he declined and continued to get ready to leave.

Eric had ridden his horse to the party so he had no choice but to ride the horse back home. It was real late and Eric was scared to ride his horse that late, but he had no choice. Eric mounted his horse and took off.

A few minutes after leaving the party, Eric stopped his horse suddenly because he had seen something small on the ground on the side of the canal. As he approached what he saw he noticed that it began to move. Eric was really scared of what it could have been. He slowly began to check out what it was when he realized that it was a baby wrapped in a blanket. Eric was furious. "How could someone do this to a baby?!!" He picked up the baby and covered it again to keep it warm. Eric then mounted his horse and sped off to his house.

A minute later as he was speeding home, Eric heard a whistle as if someone was trying to get his attention. Eric looked around but no one was in sight. Soon after he heard the same whistle and thought it was coming from the baby. Eric stopped to check on the baby. When he uncovered the baby he saw that the baby had horns and a long snake like tongue.

Eric quickly without thinking tossed the demonic baby to the side and began to sprint home. He was terrified. The next second, out of nowhere, Eric noticed that the baby had been running on all fours right behind him, getting closer and closer. After a few minutes Eric had finally lost the demonic baby.

When Eric finally got home he was in a cold dead sweat. He was not able to speak to anyone. He just had that same terrified look on his face that he had when he first looked at the baby. Eric was never the same from that day on. His family had him committed into a mental hospital.

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