Sapphire Ghost Eyes

by Laurey W.

It was about two months ago when we first moved to Tulsa or as I liked to call it "The Middle of Nowhere." My little half brother, he was adopted, called it a ghost town and if you saw this place, you wouldn't hesitate to agree. It was barren, well not exactly barren, people lived here, but it had this eerie feeling that made it seem like a ghost town.

And it wasn't just a ghost town-esque place. My parents chose a house near a neighborhood where there were no kids my age or even close to my age. Everyone, besides my brother and I, was an adult. So I thought I was gonna die of boredom. At least until a week after we moved in.

It was on a Saturday and I was especially bored, so I decided to go explore our backyard. Unfortunately our backyard is just plain, flat ground except for a forest. My parents warned me not to go into the woods. The reason why is that I used to have a sister, but when I was born, she ran into a forest and was never seen again. My parents never mentioned her name.

Anyway, since I was about to die of boredom, I decided to go explore the forest. I had gone about halfway in before I heard a rustling noise in the bushes. I decided to investigate the noise. When I looked in the bush, I saw a girl around my age. She seemed to be hiding.
"Hey! Who are you?" I asked.
The girl turned around and gave a yelp.
"Sorry! Didn't mean to scare you."
"It's alright. I get scared easily."
The girl had blonde curls and pale skin. She was stunningly beautiful, naturally by her look. The only thing that creeped me out were her eyes. They were a sapphire blue that was hypnotic and almost ghost-like.
"My name's Grace Marie. I'm thirteen and a half. And you are?" asked the girl.
"I'm Laura and I'm gonna be thirteen and a half in a week."
"You wanna play for a while?"
"Well okay." I said.

We talked for a long time and I learned that we had similar interests. She likes singing and she was one of the only kids here when she first moved in. I tried to pay more attention, but her eyes kept drawing me in. I decided to get another topic going so I could try to avoid her eyes.
"You have any siblings?" I asked.
"I used to."
"Used to?"
"When I was twelve, my mom said she was gonna have another baby. I was the only child for twelve years and I wanted to be the only child."
"So what did you do?"
"I threatened to kill it."
"Kill it?"
"Yes, but my mom kept me out of her way after that. So when the baby was born, I couldn't get at it, at least during the daytime. You see my eyes?"
I nodded quickly.
"Somehow my eyes can mesmerize people. It usually worked. One glance at my eyes could turn them into my slaves. It didn't work on my mom, but I did it on the baby."
"What did you make it do?"
"I made it cry when mom got near and smile when I came in. After a while, mom was sure she could trust me with the baby so it slept in my room.
"That night I made the baby sleep walk out of it's crib. It was successful up until the baby tripped over a fallen tree branch. It started crying loudly, mom woke up, and yelled at me. Then we got into a huge fight and then she hit me."
"She hit you?"
"Uh-huh. I was so mad that I gained enough eye power to work on her. I hypnotized her, but I didn't want to kill the baby anymore. I told that she would regret hitting me and I told her that if she ever told her daughter or anyone else about me, I would possess her daughter's body and our eye power would double up. Then we could take over."
"Take over?"
"The world!" Then she took a look at me.
"You look a lot like me. You have the hair, the skin tone, even the eyes."
"I guess it's a coincidence. And I have two questions. Is the baby still alive and how would you be able to possess it?"
"Simple. I hypnotize her to walk sub-consciously into the forest and possess her there. As for if she's still living, I believe she still is."
"I mean how would you do it? Only ghosts can possess people." Suddenly, I felt a pang of fear in my stomach.
"It's getting late. I should go."
I started to walk away, but then turned to ask her a few more questions.
"Grace, how old would the girl be if she's still alive?"
"I think she would be almost thirteen and a half. Yes, she would be thirteen and a half in about a week from now."
"And what's her name?"
"It's something like Lauren or Laura."
My face turned even more pale and I started to run.

"Mom, was my sister thirteen and a half when she died?" I brought it up just after dinner.
"I don't want to talk about it Laura."
"Because I met this nice girl and she seems a lot like my sister."
"How would you know what your sister was like? You were only a baby when she died."
"Well she has the same hair color and skin tone that runs in the family and she has these sapphire blue eyes. Her name is Grace Marie."
My mom turned as pale as I was after I had found out about the baby Grace had tried to kill.
"How did you find out?"
"Find out what?"
"Never mind. It's getting late. Got to bed, Laura."
"But it's only 8:00."
"Just go to bed!"
I ran up to my room. When mom has to say something twice, it means that you got on her bad side. And you don't want to get on her bad side.

I couldn't sleep that night. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw Grace's sapphire eyes and I shot up in bed in a cold sweat. I decided to look in the mirror. Was Grace right? Did I look like her? Did I have her eyes? I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw my normal turquoise eyes. I breathed out a sigh of relief. Then I looked at my reflection again. My eyes were no longer a turquoise. They were a hypnotic sapphire blue and my blonde hair was in curls. Standing next to me was Grace.
"You see? You do look like me!" she exclaimed with a giggle.
I shot up in bed, hyperventilating, my face deathly pale. Thank god it was just a dream! I laughed nervously to myself and went to sleep.

It was around midnight when I woke up again. Well I didn't exactly wake up. It was more like I was waking into a dream. I felt weightless and care-free, and then I saw a girl standing in my bedroom doorway. It was Grace- Marie again, but this time I felt like she was the only one that I could trust. She motioned for me to follow and my feet suddenly moved on their own. I felt like I was floating as I moved along, but I stopped myself. Then I heard her friendly giggle, and she spoke in a hypnotic, sweet, lyrical voice.
"Follow me, Laura dear."
My feet moved obediently and I let them move me.

We went into the backyard and started to glide towards the forest. I stopped myself again, determined not to let her move me, yet, at the same time, let her guide me. Before I could turn back, she giggle and said in the same sweet, hypnotic, musical voice of hers.
"Come along with me, Laurie dear."
I gasped in fear. How did she know my nickname? I tried to resist, but I gave way and she sang a sweet, hypnotic, eerie song, while moving closer to me with every few words until she could almost touch me, that went something like this:

"Let me move your feet, my dear.
You can trust me, Laurie.
Follow me into the forest
And finish your life story.

"Let me move you, Laurie dear.
You won't be free in time.
Your mother broke the vow I made
And soon you will be mine.

Soon you will be mine."
She reached out her hand for me to take. "Come with me, Laura. We can be together and happy. I've been lonely all these years. Please stay with me." Her eyes made it impossible to deny the request. "I will. I will stay with you." I said in a ghost-like whisper. I was just about to take her hand when---
"LAURA, NO!!!!"
I jerked out of my trance and I realized that this was no dream. I turned to see my mother running towards me. She grabbed me and hugged me so tightly that I almost couldn't breathe.
"I should have kept watch over you! That girl is dangerous!"
I turned and saw that Grace was gone.
"Mom, was she---?
"Yes, Grace was your sister. After she made the vow, she ran off into the forest. She got herself killed and her ghost rests in these forests. Oh, I never should've moved back here."
"Wait, am I the baby that she tried to kill?!?"
"Yes, Laura."
"And now---"
We heard a ghostly moan coming from the forest. It sounded like Grace.
"What was that?" I asked.
I ran into the forest to investigate, with my mom following behind. The moan had come from a part of the forest with a small pond. By the pond was a message in ghostly white sticks that read:

Your mother broke the vow I made,
So now you will be mine.

I felt a sensation of an aura passing into my body. A ghostly aura. I took a look at myself in the pond. My eyes were a hypnotic sapphire blue and my blonde hair was in curls. My skin was even more white. I looked just like Grace. No, now I was Grace. Her giggle and her musical voice rang through my head.
"Look down, Laurie dear."
There was my body, lifeless and limp. Grace had not only possessed me, but she had killed me as well!
She appeared at my side.
"I finally got what I wanted. You're not only dead, but you're possessed. Of course you've probably figured that out by now."
I started to run, or glide in this case, towards my mother.
"Mom!" I yelled.
Grace jerked me back.
"You don't need a mother anymore. I'm your family now, Laura. I think you'll like being a ghost. You get to avenge on people you hate. And control the ones you kill."
She flashed her eyes and I fell into a trance. Her song still haunts me to this very day.

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