Santa Claus

by Karena Huang
(Acadia, CA, USA)

On a Christmas Eve, the little boy was so excited about Santa, he refused to go to sleep. So his mom told him to go to sleep, or else Santa wouldn’t come. Finally, the boy obeyed.

After a few hours, the little boy was awoken by some kind of noise. He woke up, and looked out the window. He saw some of the snow come down from his roof. “Hey, it must be Santa!” the boy thought excitedly. So he went to the living room to see if it was Santa.

He waited a little, and suddenly a hand came down the chimney and just swung there. “It must be Santa! He wants me to hold his hand!” the little boy thought. He quickly ran to the chimney and grabbed the swinging hand, but instead of holding the boy’s hand, the swinging hand from the chimney got hold of the boy’s neck and choked him. The boy screamed and screamed. No one came to rescue him, and the boy was dead.

The reason why no one came to rescue the little boy is because when the hand was choking the boy, everyone else was already dead.

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Nov 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

was it santa or something else

Oct 25, 2008
Ha Ha Ho Ho
by: bobby

It was a little bit scary but it was more funny. Thank you for the humor.

Oct 24, 2008
That's was pretty scary...
by: Alexander Lin

That's kind of scary, you know? Now I don't believe in Santa anymore.


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