Sally Doll

by Teresa Maria B.

Once apon a time there was a girl called Meavbh. She loved getting presents. her favourit present is a doll. She loved Raggy dolls, Barbie dolls & Brats Dolls.

One day when Meavbhs Granny came for a vist she gave her a doll it wasnt a ordinary doll it was a special doll! The dolls name was Sally Dolly! That night Meavbh put Sally Doll at the end of her bed & went to sleep.

Later that night she woke up to music playing softly she wondered where it was coming from but she was so tired she went back to sleep. Later again she woke up to more music she got up out of the bed & the music stoped!!

She walked into her Mother & Fathers room Sally Doll was sitting at the end of their bed & they were dead!. She screamed and ran into her room shut the door and locked it she could her banging Sally Doll was angry but then she heard this
''im on the first step'' ''Meavbh Screamed and listend'' ''im on the second step im on the third step im on the fourth step im on the fifth step im on the sixth step im in the sevent step im in the eight step im on the nineth step im on the tenth step im on the elevent step im on the thirteenth step im on the last step! im in the hallway im at your bedroom door''

Meavbh pushed the door in harder ''im on your bed'' Meavbh turn around in shock and she sreams it was to late she was sicne then many people havent got dolls and beacause of that incadent there new name is ''Vudo Dolls''

Phil G: Just changing characters and such doesn't mean you didn't copy the story. I only gave you this because you supplied pictures.

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