Runaway Glasses

by Dylan F.
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Don't make a spectacle of yourself

Don't make a spectacle of yourself

My friend just got a new house and had a house-warming party. He invited all my friends. We bought him a great telescope. We brought it outside to go check out the moon. It was about 10:00 and it was getting kind of dark.

While looking through the telescope, one of my friends saw a black figure out of the corner of his eye. He was brave enough to go see what it was. He saw something and started sprinting away. We all thought he was playing a joke on us, but we saw the same person and ran as fast as we could to a nearby pharmacy.

We hide in the pharmacy for ten minutes and then began to walk out. We saw the person again and told the store clerk. She obviously didn't believe a bunch of 5 foot, 13 year olds. The man walks into the store with a shiny object in his sleeve. He asks the clerk, "have you seen 6 kids?" The clerk replies, "" We sprint out the store, but one of my friends drops his glasses. He leaves them on the ground and then runs on.

We finally get to his house. Everyone sleeps over at the new house. The next morning at 7:30am, we here the doorbell and we see my friend's glasses with blood covered on them. The glasses also had a message in big, bold letters taped onto it that read, "IT'S NOT OVER..."

My friend now never goes outside past 8:00.

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