Run for your lives!

It was like any normal Tuesday at Jazz Band. We had to rehearse in the high school band room because the middle school one had all its chairs and stands taken to the high school auditorium.

To get into the high school, there is a 'not-so-secret-passage' that connects the two buildings. We only played one of our pieces (which, for my instrument, was the easiest of the two) because our director would rather perfect one than be okay at both.

After practice, half of the ensemble (which was only about ten people to begin with, making four or five of us) had to go to our lockers to get our things before we got picked up. I was among this group. We were simply strolling through the halls of the high school, talking with one another. What happened next was completely unexpected and random.

A high school student in gym clothes was running. Not much of a surprise, but in a hallway? It was kind of strange. The student completely ignored our group. He ignored so much that he wouldn't even go around us or slow down! He just thought he could pass right through us, and he was so confident in that belief that he ran straight into Ryan, the trumpet/guitar player! Ryan wasn't injured, but the high schooler spun out, stumbled, fell, and got right back up to continue his run.

Lots of laughs, giggles, and ?Okaay??s emerged from our group. Three more jogging high school students in gym outfits passed us, then two more. We dodged around as needed. Then, I stopped, followed by the people in front of me. I heard a soft rumbling sound in the distance that gradually grew louder. I slowly turned around. Along with the rumbling, I heard a chorus of boys saying 'what' from behind me. 'AAAAAAAH! THEY'RE AFTER ME!' I screamed.

A stampede of high schoolers, maybe thirty or fifty of them, were running at high speeds. We were all yelling, sprinting, and shouting, running for our lives. A bunch passed us, a few brushing our skin, but no one got run over like Ryan did. We scrambled for the middle school door. Once we got there, we were panting and asking each other what the heck had just happened. It was the weirdest experience I've ever had in seventh grade... SO FAR.

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