by Georgina

The girls from class 9B carried on walking. No-one spoke. It was dark. The finger-like branches of the over hanging trees cast eerie shadows along the lane. They were lost! A high pitched scream broke the silence, Gemma had seen the sign. Greenwood Lane.

Teachers told them something sinister happened in the area many years ago but the girls just didn't want to believe them. Especially not now, that they were in the very spot that the teachers had spoken about. They crowded around Gemma, more for their own safety than for hers. Then out of the darkness two flickering lights approached...

The next thing Gemma knew was that she was lying upon a hospital bed with a drip dangling from her arm. She screamed! ‘It must be a nightmare!’ but she had a horrible feeling that it was reality. She reached up for the neon red button and a sharp pain shivered through her arm. She pulled her arm back in towards her body, and squinted. A large, wrinkly hand grabbed her arm and the nurse walked up to her bed. ‘’I believe you are Gemma Parks and I do believe that this is your granddad’’ she said. But Gemma had never seen him in her life! The nurse said, “I know you might not fully remember your family members because you have had a nasty bump to the head but sooner or later you will remember what happened and will have to speak to the police about what went on down Greenwood Lane last night” “The police” Gemma exclaimed! “Yes…The police”

Gemma soon felt very un-comfortable with a strange man sitting next to her hospital bed and knowing that she couldn’t remember what had happened. “I know I have had a bump to the head Nurse, but I can assure you that he is not my granddad!” she exclaimed. The man had a hunched back and a deep voice that sent a shiver down Gemma’s spine. He spoke to her like he knew everything about her but she rejected his offer to talk and before she knew it, she had drifted off into a world of her own. The man slept by her bed for over an hour with her.

The nurse began to have doubts to whether they were related or if they even knew each other.
Gemma woke to find that the old man had gone home but had left a hand written note under her pillow, addressed Gemma Parks. The Nurse appeared and gave her a bunch of flowers in a beautiful vase, “The man left you these and told me to tell you to read his letter”…

The room was in silence for a few minutes, until Gemma said “So you don’t believe he is my granddad neither?” “Well usually when somebody has a nasty bang to the head, they remember family members and it is very odd if they don’t”. She left in a hurry and went to take care of some of the other patients. Gemma was oddly confused. She unfolded the letter carefully and then she went as white as a blanket of snow. The nurse hurried over to where Gemma was in shock! “What is it Miss Parks, you look like you’ve seen a ghost?” Gemma didn’t speak but she handed the letter over to the nurse. The nurse read: - Greenwood Lane. Sorry.

Gemma’s voice faded into a whisper and she didn’t know where she found the courage but she did. “That’s where it happened…It must have been him” Gemma looked around the hospital room and ended up looking at her broken arm that was supported by a flimsy sling and a bright pink cast. The nurse hurried out of Gemma’s room and showed the letter to the police crew who had just arrived.

she had still been hearing voices and seeing people but she is having counselling to stop her!

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