by A.E.S

Long ago there lived a young boy named Mac. ‘Mac isn’t an ordinary nine year old boy.’ Mac’s mother Jackie said with concern. ‘He doesn’t have any friends. He only has a doll. He always talks to the doll like it can speak back. He calls the doll Roseanna. Sometimes I’ll take Roseanna away from him and store it somewhere high and where he can’t see it, yet the next morning I’ll find it in his arms.?

A few years after Mac got the doll he became very sick and died. Jackie greatly mourned over her son and effortlessly began to store his things in boxes. Then, she saw it, Roseanna. As she looked into the ragged dolls eyes it seemed to stare right back and form a grim smile on its face. She began to feel like someone was watching her every move. She felt as if she was a blind gazelle alone out in the open. Cheetahs watching yet she couldn’t see them. Having the eerie feeling at that late of night she quickly put the rest of Mac’s things in the left over boxes and threw Roseanna in the closet. She felt alert every move she made, down he steps, through the hallway, into her bedroom, and at last falling on the bed.

As she tried to go to sleep she heard something. It sounded as though it was coming from upstairs. It was a slight, Clump, Clump, Clump. Then an eerie song broke the silence. Roseanna, I’m coming, Roseanna, I’m near. Frightening thoughts that had never entered Jackie’s mind were now going through back and forth. Her heart was pounding out of her chest and she had chills up her spine. She was paralyzed be fright. She didn’t move. Didn’t blink. Didn’t even breathe. She felt as though she was the only person in the world, but along with something dangerous. Then she heard it again. This time it sounded like it was between the bottom stair and the hallway. Clump, Clump, Clump. Roseanna, I’m coming, Roseanna, I’m nearer. She was frozen solid. Too scared to get up. Too scared to even close her eyes. Then she heard it again. It sounded like it was right behind her. Roseanna, I’m coming, Roseanna, I’m here now. She slowly turned around and there was Roseanna. Jackie went into full panic mode. She grabbed the doll, ran screaming and crying out of the house, threw the doll in a local dumpster, and ran all the way to the police station.

People say she went crazy over the doll. What she didn’t know is that someone else found the doll and began to pass it around from city to city. Now we don’t know who it will come to next. Last night I got a package on my front door. In that box was that very same doll, Roseanna.

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