Room 616

by Haley
(Las Vegas Nevada USA)

Female ghost

Female ghost

A couple wanted to take a vacation one day. They decided to go to a beautiful hotel called the Blacksmith Hotel. When they got to their hotel room the woman said, "this room is gorgeous!". Her husband agreed. It was a suite and they loved it.

One night when they got back to their room from a nice dinner, a woman was in there. The wife yelled, "who are you?" The woman walked to the bathroom. The couple went to the bathroom also to see what the woman was doing, but when they looked the woman was gone.

The wife was frightened and told her husband that they should call the concierge and ask if they knew who the lady was. He asked them if they were sure it wasn't just a maid. They said what kind of maid disappears in the bathroom? Then he asked "what room are you in?" They said 616. He said "come down as soon as possible and bring your things with you."

They hurried and packed their things and rushed down to the lobby. The concierge told them the hotel made a mistake and put them in that room. He explained to them that about 10 years ago another couple stayed in that room. They loved each other very much, but one night the woman caught her husband kissing another woman in the lobby. She got upset and killed herself in the bathroom.

The couple was so frightened they left as soon as they got their car. After they left, the concierge went to the room they were staying in and said to himself "I don't know why she killed herself. Even though I kissed that woman, I loved her very much, and one day I will see her again.

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