by Brianna A (Age 11)
(Waukegan, Illinois, US)

"He knows what I did to him!"

"Then why didn't you make sure he was dead before you left?" "I didn't want to kill him, and I didn't want to actually kill him on purpose if he wasn't already dead!"

Christen and Alex were on the verge of tears. "What am I suppossed to do?" cried Christen. Alex sighed and thought for a while, "Are you sure he got a good look at you? There's no way he can know exactly how you look. He probably had whiplash or something."

"Man, I don't know! Look, all I know is that he's alive and walking around the streets right now. What if he's so mad that he'll-" Christen started to sob. "He's really upset." Alex thought.

"Oh man- don't cry, man. It'll be all right. Look, I'm gonna look up the town records and find out who this guy is. Everything is going to be fine, Chris."

"I-It was dark! I didn't see him! I thought he was dead at first but then I saw that he was alive. I didn't know what to do! I-I-I p-p-panicked!" Christen cried more and more. Blood stains rested on his cold shaking body.

"C-Chris, oh. I-It says here that the guy's a reknowned psychic. 'Able to burn evil images into the minds of victims torturing them with simple curses. Fred Gregorio was put in prison after killing a young Tricia Berkeley, a high school student in New Orleans, Louisiana. Most recent news: Fred Gregorio breaks out from prison. Has yet to be found. This man is very dangerous. If seen, run to the nearest home you can find, lock the doors, and call the police department." Alex read aloud.

Christen started to panic. "No! No- he's going to come here! He's coming for me! He's coming for me!" He started screaming. Alex grabbed Christen's shoulders. Christen looked at Alex and his face turn pale, he fainted.

Alex got Christen to wake up after a few minutes, but Christen was so scared that Alex was worried his brother would go into shock or have a heart attack. "Tell me your name." "Christen Miller." "How old am I?" "Seventeen." "How old are you?" "Sixteen."

"Good. Now, everything going to be fine. We can figure out a way to fix this." Alex told his brother.

They heard a shriek coming from downstairs. They soon heard someone coming up the steps...

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