by Brandon
(Glendale, Arizona)

The boss sat at his desk, working like a maniac. He was looking for some important papers, which he had lost. The clock struck 7:00pm. Just then, the door opened and Jim came in with a gun. The boss was shot in the head as he started to stand up.

Then, more gunshots broke the silence as the boss staggered around the room and fell through the plate glass window, to his death. Jim tucked the gun into his jacket and left the room.

That night, Jim lay in his bed and looked at the ceiling. The fan slowly moved around and around, just like the hands of clock that hung on the wall. All of a sudden, Jim heard barking sounds coming from outside his window. It was the sound of a dog. He stood up and went to his window to see what was going on. He slowly peeked through the blinds and looked into the dark night. The only thing that was shining was the full moon, which lit up the dirt road. Then, from the corner of his eye, he could see a huge black dog with white eyes, staring directly at him. It ran up to the window and started scratching the glass. Jim yelled and cussed at the dog. Then, he went back to bed when the dog had disappeared into the night.

Drops of drool dripped onto Jim's head which woke him up. When, he opened his eyes, the dog was staring right at him. Apparently, it had broken through the window and jumped onto Jim while he was sleeping. It started biting and chewing at his face as he tried screaming for help, but nothing worked. He kicked the dog off him and ran to his jacket where he had put his gun. Just then, the dog grabbed hold of his leg and ripped him to shreds.

Jim managed to find the gun and he shot up into the air. Nothing would stop the vicious dog. Then, Jim noticed that the dog's head had a scar on it. It was the exact same place where the bullet hit his boss when he killed him.

Jim ran up the stairs and ran into the guest room. The dog came charging up as Jim slammed the door behind him. He grabbed the phone and tried calling for help, but the line was dead. Just then, the door opened and the dog leaped onto Jim and pushed him through a window. Glass was shattered all over the place when the cops arrived, but the dog was nowhere to be found.

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Mar 23, 2009
by: Anonymous

So the dog was the boss. I get that, but why did Jason kill his boss, and how did the boss become a dog. or a werewolf? Sorry this story was good but a bit unclear

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