Revenge... Responsibility ?

by Ishita Mishra
(Howrah,West Bengal)

A serious operation was going on in a renowned hospital. an operation having a team work of seven doctors. a thirty-eight year old well known kidnapper was being operated. he had a brain haemorrage. the operation required eighteen hours. the kidnapper had been caught red-handed by the city policemen but was not ready to surrender. ther was firing from both sides, and in this encounter the kidnapper was badly injured in the head. hence in order to fit him for the trial, the court had ordered for his treatment.

Dr. Sethi was the last one to reach the operation theatre.he was told about the haemorrage,and the operation had soon begun.dr.sethi was a prosperous man,he was wealthy and was very good by nature.but these days, he was mentally disturbed.a week before,his son went missing and dr.sethi had immeadiately launched an fir in a local police station.that friday night,the policemen and dr.sethi himself, went in search of his there surprise,they found dr. Sethi’s son drowisly walking on the road,at midnight.on asking the child it was known that he was chloroformed and kidnapped from school,and so,he was not able to describe the kidnapper.however,he had managed to escape when the kidnapper was busy talking over the phone. Though his son was back,dr.sethi wanted the policemen to find out about the kidnappers.he feared the safety of his son and dreaded leaving him alone.

during that operation,he had come cool-minded but was unaware of the person on whom he was operating.he was half way through the operation when his phone was a call from the suprintendant of police.dr.sethi immeadiately received it.the s.p said”i’ve found out about the kidnapper.he’s the one on whom you’re operating.” Dr.sethi was shocked to hear this.he was feeling ill now.different types of thoughts flowed in his subconcious mind,a thousand varied thoughts. He thought,”should i kill him? Should i leave the operation theatre? Should i do some mistake?should i operate him?is he the same kidnapper?” For a moment he was’nt working.his hands were shivering. A doctor nuged him.he came back to conciousness.he could not believe that he was operating a man who had kidnapped his son,his dear own son.he took a deep breath,started giving full attention on the operation and became very active.

at last the operation ended successfully.among all,dr.sethi was the happiest person, after the operation.he had not taken revenge. His responsibility as a doctor had brought a change in him.he remembered the vow he had taken when he had become a doctor. He understood that his work was to give life rather than to take life.he had understood humanity and thought the kidnapper as a normal person who had no relation with him.when the kidnapper was alright,dr.sethi went to him and prescribed him some medicines. The kidnapper was astonihed to see him. But dr.sethi kept quiet.the kidnapper thought that the medicines prescribed were incorrect as he thought he might be taking his to confirm,he asked another dr. About them and found them to be the right ones……….

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