Revenge is sweet

by Kat

As the church bell began to ring and the church began to empty a couple sat in the graveyard mourning their son. The grave stone read, "Beloved son and nephew born 1996 died 2002 at the age six" the wife put a bunch of flowers down on the grave next to the brown, wet muddy bear that sat beside the gravestone.

The couple later arrived home and slumped down on the sofa. "Well, I guess that's it" the wife said as she kicked off her heels. "Yeah" the husband sighed and cuddled his wife closer to him.

They heard a noise behind them and looked around them quickly, a piece of paper fell from the cupboard. the man leaned over and picked it up. In blood were the words "Revenge is sweet in a boy's eyes". The man, puzzled and rather scared, bundled the paper into his pocket. He went into the kitchen, and on the kitchen counter in spaghetti letters was "Revenge is sweet in a boy's eyes". He looked around to see whether his wife was there before wipping them up.

He opened the fridge, and again in tomatoe sauce was written, "You Killed Me!" he quickly closed the fridge and turned around. His little boy was standing behind him. He was dirty and pale, looking like he had a gash on his forehead and his clothes were stained with blood. "You killed me" he whispered "Revenge is sweet in a boy's eyes".

He suddenly picked up the knife and stabbed his father dozens of times. Blood squirted everywhere, and as it ran down the window, trailed the words, "Revenge is sweet, especially in a boy's eyes"

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Jul 18, 2009

Not good. :(

Not bad either. :)

Jan 31, 2009
by: Anonymous

I would not want to be that guy....

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