Remember Me?

by Gracie

Lily + Jill, Friends forever

Lily + Jill, Friends forever

There was a girl named Lily who was 9 years old and loved flowers.One day she passed away in the flower garden and her family moved far away.

Years later, the house was put up for sale and a family went to look at it. The mom told her two daughters to pick out their rooms. Suzie went to the room closest to the stairs. Jill, a 9 year old, went to the back of the hallway. There, in one of the bedrooms. was an outline of a child. Jill screamed and the ghost whispered, "I'm Lily."

Jill ran to her mom and told her what she had seen. The mom didn't believe her and they decided to buy the house. The first night in the new house, Jill was settled in her bed when she heard, "Remember me, let's be friends, let's be friends!" It was Lily. Jill was suddenly pulled out of her bed and disappeared.

The next morning, her mom came to wake her up and discovered a picture of two girls holding hands and a note that read, Lily + Jill, friends forever. As she examined the picture closer, she realized one of the girls in the photo was her daughter, Jill. Jill was never seen again.

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