by Jason G.
(Va. USA)

They had no idea where they were. The floor was as cold as ice, and the room was as dark as an abyss. A vomit-inducing stench seemed to waft from every corner and every pore in the walls. They couldn't see anything, not even their hands in front of their faces. That is, except for the light emanating from the area ahead of them.

They had all woken up some time ago; each person thinking they were alone. As they woke up, they all called out, desperate to find where they were. Eventually, they had all returned to consciousness and counted their numbers. There were four of them, Jack, Scott, Dave, and Nicholas. None of them could see each other in their prison.

The group had slowly made their way towards the light that stared defiantly in their faces. A loud thud and groan resonated off of the walls as Scott stumbled over a cart full of old, rusted hypodermics. He picked himself up, and the group continued to move.

Several times, the people within the group had fallen and thus, they had amassed a sizable collection of cuts and scrapes. They had decided to take a quick break and lick their wounds before continuing. The light was very close now. Jack, being lucky enough to not have fallen a single time on their trek, volunteered to continue on, find the light, and return with his information. The group reluctantly obliged.

As he turned the corner he saw the light... snd something else. The light was coming from a small lamp, set up at the end of a short hallway, and pointed in his direction. However, the thing he saw next to it concerned Jack more. It was a creature, human in shape and size, that possessed the correct human features, such as two eyes, a mouth, fingers and such. However, this was at most an affront to all that is human. For this monstrosity lacked one single, yet very important and obvious organ. It had no skin.

Jack whipped around, and sprinted back to the group while releasing a blood-curdling scream of pure horror. The others all looked in his general direction as they heard his feet thud with every stride.

"It was horrible!" Jack cried in between staggered and prolonged breaths. "That... that... THING!"
"Jack, what was it?" Scott questioned.

"I... I... I don't know!"

"Jack," started Nicholas, "what did you see?"
"A... an abomination! It looked like a person but... oh my... but... it WASN'T! And... and... those EYES! Those hideous EYES! I will not go back, I cannot go back! You WILL NOT make me GO BACK!"

"Alright, I'll go see what he's talking about." Dave said as he wandered down the dark hallway. "Try to calm him down."

A short while passed before Dave returned. He walked past the group, now begging for answers, and took a seat without a word. He put his hands up to his mouth slowly and rested his elbows on his bent knees.

"Dave, did you see it?" Jack asked, still quivering.

"Oh yes, Jack. I saw it. But I figured out what it was. Jack, other than that lamp, there is only one thing at the end of that hallway. One thing, and only one thing."

"What, Dave?"

"A mirror."

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