Battling with raging hormones

Like a bull in a china shoppe, when raging hormones wrap themselves around your tweens, there's only one thing to do. Put them out of their misery... NO!

Young boys, and equally young girls, will do the stupidest things when nature opens their eyes to new opportunities. It is a wonderful time full of euphoria and doubt. You have to think back to your own first love to get a sense of how you can best help or support your youngster.

The things not to do are to say no, hide the truth, or hide the child. I am not going to attempt to correct anything here because there is nothing to correct. Nature has it ways and its purpose. Who are we to stand in its way. Obviously we need to properly accept the inevitable and deal the human element head on.

It's curious that, having been raised in a well-known religion, and attending private school staffed by clergymen, when music, or a book, or a gadget was banned as inappropriate, it was always the first item to get, the next chance we got. Trying to keep the young away from the unknown has always caused more harm than good.

For my part I can only pass along what I learned. There is a very simple lesson when dealing with a youth that may be affecting another human being for the first time. Be responsible and treat her/him with respect. Drum this into their heads and you can't go wrong. It can address many unasked questions and will solve many future problems.

I also believe that availability to pertinent materials and information is appropriate while the promotion of same is over the top. If you have any questions on this matter, or my code-speak, please follow the comments links and send me a note.

Comments on first love?

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