Rag Doll

by Megan N.
(Rutherglen, Glasgow)

Once there was a little girl called Anne. She was age 10. She had a rag doll maker. One day, she asked her Mum if she could make a rag doll. Her Mum said yes. The rag doll was very pretty. It had long blond hair, blue eyes and a pink smile. She slept with it in bed that night.

That night, the rag doll climbed out of the bed. The next morning, Anne was searching for her rag doll. She found the rag doll on her magnetic board, with a note attached to it saying: "I've killed your parents!" Anne ran into her parents room. They weren't there!

The next night, Anne asked her twin brothers if she could sleep with them. But, like all brothers, they didn't let her. So, she had to sleep with the terrifying rag doll again.

The next morning, she was searching for rag doll again! It was again on the magnetic board, with a note attached saying: "I've killed your parents, and now I've killed your twin brothers!" Anne ran into her twin brothers' bedroom. They weren't there!

That night, Anne was feeling really scared. She made up her mind to go to the police station. When she got to the police station, they weren't there either! Once she got back home, she found the rag doll again on the magnetic board. Once again, it had a note attached to it saying: "I've killed your parents, and your twin brothers, so now I'm going to kill you!" The rag doll's eyes lit up.

She grinned horribly. She had an knife in her hand. The rag doll was never seen again, but Anne's ghost might be out there somewhere.

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