Sharing your quality time is a must

You might say you spend quality time, but what do your kids think?

Whether you are adding creative, adventurous elements in your child’s life, or finding unique moments to spend with them, quality time is one of the most crucial and valuable things that you can give to your children.

Experts, authorities and studies show that giving time to children is something that not only has tremendous value and benefit, but it also can change their lives and the lives of those around them.

All of this must first begin in the home, and unfortunately statistics show that, in some locales, in as many as 65% of homes a child is being raised by either a single parent, or other adult that is not a biological relation. There is strong evidence to suggest that this has an adverse effect on a nurturing, positive development.

In addition to this, the economy is more challenging then ever. Due to economic impacts, several difficult things are happening. First of all, families are having to downsize, which has its own difficulties. For example, as a family needs to live with others to survive, or move into a smaller area, they are forced to re-utilize some of their rooms. This may result in having to use kids' bunk beds and other space saving changes. It also means that either both parents have to work, or in single parent households, the one adult in the home needs to work extra to make ends meet. This leaves children little quality time to spend with those in their lives that should be making the biggest impression.

Experts have also shown that another downside to the economic crisis and consequent recovery is the cutting of many programs to help offset government shortfalls. This has had a challenging effect on after-school activities for both schools and non-profit organizations. Without some of these beneficial programs there is little left for children in some areas to fall back on as a safety net.

Although it is important that parents make the time, for children this is a void that will be filled with something or someone. It doesn’t matter if you and your family are in a situation as desperate as discussed here; nor that something as simple as too fast a pace causes quality time to be overlooked. Special moments need to be shared with your children.

It is never too late, but it is important that the time is taken. Don’t let the necessities of the day overpower the reason why you are doing it all. Take the time that your children need to see and know that you are there and help them realize that they are important to you. That may mean simply stopping, setting down the smartphone, and listening to them. Your children may be the most important thing in the world to you, but do they know that?

What would your actions say?

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