Powdered Hands

by Evangeline S.
(San Bernardino, California)

Two kids named jonathan & jerry where riding there bikes back home from skool but that day they stayed for caps.

On there way back it started to get dark really quick but didn't scare them at all but what was scary was that there was a school bus with kids in it the driver wasn't a normal bus driver he looked diffrent like just not human the kids in the school bus were screaming for there lives so jonathan & jerry had no choice but to try to help them but before they could even get off there bikes the bus ran them over and the bus driver just laughed

But while laughing the driver lost control and fell in the train tracks & the all got ran over by the train and died.

They say when you pass by that place to put you're car on park & you will be getting pushed by jonathan & jerry.

When you get back home there will be 4 hands prints on you're back car window that will say go away before he gets you.

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