Pop Star Fame

by Kayley Smith
(New South Wales, Australia)

You don't know how long ago there lived two girls with their Mum and Dad. One girl was three, her name was Hazel. She had a sister that was ten, her name was Hannah. Hannah always teased her sister because her little sister wanted to be a pop star even though she was three.

Seven years later Hazel was ten and her big sister was seventeen. Hazel said ?I still want to be a pop star?. Then Hannah said ?Come on, you still want to? Oh my, gosh?, Hazel sighed. On Saturday she was watching a singing show on television. The host said ?Come join our singing, just call 0412378941 and tell why you want to be on it. Hazel was screaming she told her mum and she said ?Ok lets give it a shot?. So she called them and said why she wanted to go on it!

The next morning someone was at their door, it was the people from the Television show, she was so happy. They said it is on tonight but if you get voted off the first night you get another chance. That night she got all dressed up and went. Her mum, dad and sister came to watch.

Her sister got a back stage passport so she could look behind. But she did not look she had to make a bad plan to make her sister not win. Then it was her turn to sing she got scared but she knew how much she wanted to do it so she did. She started to sing it was beautiful until her sister unplugged the cord then she got upset but she managed to say ?I am finished?.

Then the voting begun, all made it through but Hazel. They gave her another chance but it was hopeless, she was still singing but her mum went back stage and she saw Hannah taking out the plug then her mum put it back. Just when the guy was going to say that was terrible she started singing beautifully again.

So then she was known as a super star rock girl but her sister was in big trouble.

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