Poor Molley

by freaky_bacon
(San Diego)

Molly went to camp when something terrible happened. On the last day of camp Molly was playing a game of HIDE-AND-GO-SEEK and she hid in the closet. While they were playing, the counselors said to board the bus, but they forgot about poor little Molly.

She stayed in the closet for a long time. Then the next visitors heard crying and scratching in the closet door. When they went to go check no one was there. So now they say at night you can hear crying and scratching on the girl's closet door.

Another story is she was playing tag outside with her friends on the camp ground, when they heard a loud buzzard noise. When they looked up it was a helicopter, right on top of Molly. When they turned back to look at Molly, she was gone. They found out that she had been trampled by the helicopter. So now Molly has her own special rocking chair right by the incident.

A final story about Molly is the day at the pool. Molly was out in the pool with all of her friends. She was having a great time when something terrible happened. When Molly was going to take a dive in the pool, she slipped and bumped her head on the pool floor. I guess people say that she was unconscious or that she drowned right in the middle of that pool.

Now Safety Patrol Camp is HAUNTED!

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