Play Time

Hello, my name is Thomas. What I am about to tell you is a detailed account of my life. I don't have much time before "they" come and get me... so listen closely.

My life was one like everyone else's. I played games, slept, talked with friends and all that. Then, as I got into being a preteen, with puberty and peer presure, my "friends" dared me into this house. Oh I can still see it all so vividly.

I crawled into this dirty rundown hulk of house and as I looked around there were a bunch of signs all over. They looked like some sort of numerals but I didn't mind them. Then my friends crawled their way through exclaiming as well. Now this is the most important part. Listen well before they come.

The room was a completely empty chamber except for this one tiny crack big enough to fit my comrades and I. We all went through, then all of a sudden the floor boards cracked and three of my amigos were killed instantly.

The rest of us all turned back in fear and then we saw these metal pods each containing some sort of paw-like organism. We looked up and three dead cows and a couple of chickens were hung up on the ceiling. One of my friends touched one of the metal pods and the paw-like thing burst out and completly changed him. He sort of looks like a striped mask as big as a spoon. Then he morphs with the other pods and then he dies.

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