Phone call

by Frances

Touch-tone phone

Touch-tone phone

Molly was talking to her friend Tilly on her phone and then she got cut off and a voice on the phone said "I will kill you" and she put the phone down and she thought "No, that’s just Tilly playing".

So she rang her back and she got cut off again and the same voice said "I will kill you" so she put the phone down again really quick then a knock, knock, knock at the door so she went to the door, opened it and no one was there.

So she shut the door and she heard a knock, knock, knock again so she opened the door slowly this time and still no one was there so she ran to Tilly's house and told her all about it and she thought she was kidding so Molly went home.

Then the same thing happened to Tilly so Tilly moved into Molly’s house to keep safe and a knock and a shout saying "LET ME IN NOW" and the person knocked the door down and Tilly heard a scream and Molly had gone.

Tilly ran to the back garden and there was Molly, dead, a shadow ran quickly past the house, screams and shouts getting closer and closer and SLASH, Tilly was dead too.

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