Past brought me down

by Ankita S.
(Uttar Pradesh, India)

It was summer time again. I decided to travel to Shimla, many miles away from my place. Sitting in the train, the pink blossoms which were clearly visibly from my window, and the green leaves, somehow compelled me to think of my past.

I had been a petty thief. A thief, not because I didn't have enough money to buy something for myself, but because it gave me some kind of pleasure. A 'notorious' kind of pleasure.

While I was busy in my day dreaming, a gentle man walked in. He sat on the seat right to me. After a few minutes, we started interacting. He told me about his family. He told me about many things. His talks were boring me, so I was watching the time left to complete the journey on my wrist watch every two minutes.

And then, maybe he noticed me doing this and he burst out, "Hey, I don't know why, but your watch reminds me of my golden alarm clock which I used to have when I was young. It's tone TRING-TRING was one of a kind. I'll always remember that! But then my best friend, who cheated me ran with it. I can recognise him within seconds if he ever comes before me. I'm not gonna forgive him like this."

And then... sweat drops moistened my cheeks, as I remembered myself stealing my best friend's watch. Then I read the tag on his bag, which had the name 'John' on it. The old wounds were new again.

I replied with a broken voice, "Oh really? What did he look like?"

He responded, "A small, thin fellow. Pale rectangular face he had"

I looked at myself. It had been years when this incident took place. I had grown fat now. I wasn't pale anymore. Plus, the moustache added to my mask. Thank goodness!

After sometime, we slept then and there. And all of a sudden, the alarm clock rang up! TRING -TRING! I tried hard to find it in my bag pack and stop it, but my clothes and all the stuff in, were acting like barriers.

But I managed somehow. Finally we reached Shimla. I got some relief. We bade each other goodbye.

"Bye, thanks for your company."

"Yeah, it was a lot of fun."

As our ways separated, and we were about 50 metres away, he turned back and said , 'Hey, listen!'.

I said . 'What?'

And he said...'Take care of my alarm clock'.

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