Pandora's Box

by CK
(Ancaster, Ontario, Canada)

On a forgotten road in Virginia, there is a house, and in that house there is a room, and in that room there is a box, and in the box lies death waiting to be released.

My parents bought that house so that they could start a farm. I did NOT want to move there, and leave all my friends and be homeschooled in some stupid shack. Well my parents didn't listen to me and we moved. The drive there was long and tiring. I fell asleep and I had the strangest dream. When I woke, I couldn't remember what it was about.

After awhile of driving, we arrived. The second I saw my new house/shack I recognized it for some reason. After my parents gave me a tour of the house, I settled in my room. My room was kind of spooky because, all over the walls there was written "Pandora was here" in red scratchy writing. I also recognized the name Pandora, I thought it was someone from a book our teacher from my old school had told my class about. Also in the corner of my room there was a box. It was just a plain black wooden box, with no detail on it whatsoever.

After awhile my parents told me to go to bed, so i did. But I had the same dream. This time when i woke, I remembered it. I was walking inside my new house, but everything was different. Instead of the normal white walls, there was "Pandora was here" written in blood on the walls. Suddenly the walls started closing in on me. I shouted for my parents but the only answer was the whisper 'They are dead' that seemed to be coming from all around. I screamed and asked who killed them? The same voice whispered back, "Pandora". The walls kept closing in and the voice kept whispering , Pandora ... Pandora ...Pandora ..., over and over again. And then it was over.

I woke up screaming. My parents came rushing in to reassure me that it was just a dream. But I was histerical and I couldn't be calmed. So my parents went out of my room. Suddenly I noticed that the box had changed. Instead of having nothing on it, it now had the words 'Open me to save your soul.' I was now officially the wrinkled and rotting body of a girl with pure white eyes and no lips! Suddenly she awoke and flew out of the box and was followed by horrible creatures with no faces. She said "I am death. I never die, I never live, and this is my box". I screamed for my parents but they girl covered my mouth, took out a knife and wrote the word "Pandora was here" on my leg. I screamed in pain and she shoved me into her box where I will sit until another foolish girl decides to open the box of death.

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