Overpowering Storm Town

by Laura Bishell

A storm's fury

A storm's fury

Lightning clashed down. Up ahead I could see an uprooted tree. The rain hammered down on the rooftops. The wind howled in pain. Gigantic bolts of lightning lit up the sky like November the 5th. Deafening rumbles of thunder overpowered me.

All of a sudden the chimney fell through the roof of our living room. Another inch to the right and I would have been as flat as a pancake. Finally, after ten terrifying hours, it was time to come out and witness what monstrous wreckage this outrageous storm had caused.

The damage was horrendous. What once used to be a beautiful valley is now a sickening wreck. Thousands of homes were torn down to the core. Fallen power lines and trees blocked the roads. That is just the beginning of it. Homes, hospitals, schools, orphanages had all been smashed to smithereens by this horrifying storm.

Day after day we got more and more people wanting to help make the sickening wreck into a beautiful valley once again. It was going to take a lot of hard work.

Finally, six months later, with the help of the whole countryside, we rebuilt our beautiful attractive valley. We renamed it as well. We called it Overpowering Storm Town.

We are lucky to have homes, schools, orphanages and hospitals and many more kinds of buildings. We need to be thankful that we have got them because people around the world are not as lucky as us and don't have homes to live in.

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