Our Future

by Reena

When she came to my house she was only 8 years old. Her thin body and dark skin separated her from us. That night when I saw her for the first time I developed a warm corner in my heart for her.

She was trying to please everybody by helping us in our works with her small hands. When I saw her face I felt as if she was asking "Is it my fault that I am a poor orphan?" I found everybody in my house taking the matter normally. Nobody is caring for her.

Inspite of being a very little girl she was asked to do all the house hold works. I learned that she does not have anybody in this universe accept her elder sister who has been married to a poor family and they are not willing to take on this little girl's responsibility.

After coming in contact with her I feel that I have got a purpose in life. I want to educate this little girl who is more mature in comparison to her age. Slowly, through her behaviour, she occupied a place in everybody's life. All my family members began to love her.

We got her admitted to a government school where she completed her higher secondary level. Now she is doing graduation and planning to appear in competitive exams.

I love you Jaya and I want you to rise higher and higher, and become an example for all society.

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