Operation iPod

by Lauren Curry

I silently crept down the crumbling concrete steps leading to the boys’ cabins, watching for any signs of movement. Teachers on school camps are notorious for handing out harsh punishments to anyone found in a cabin belonging to the opposite s**. My five best friends are male so I am usually isolated away from them because teachers fear that we will give in to our raging hormones. I hate that. Everyone assumes that, since we are teenagers, we are going to try to have s** at every opportunity we get. It seems that my boyfriend and I give off a vibe that causes everyone to think we go at it like rabbits. So adults try to separate us whenever they can which creates a barrier between the s**es.

As I round a corner I catch a glimpse of Mr. Hendricks talking to Mr. Buttenshaw. Quick as a flash, I ducked behind a tree and waited for them to leave, but they just stood there rambling on like two old women talking over the backyard fence. I was only 100m away from my friend’s cabin but I would have to take a detour to get there undetected. I walked around the back some of the cabins. I could see Ollie and Callum playing Guitar Hero through one of the windows and, strangely enough, I could hear Hannah Montana music coming from Jay and Carter’s cabin.

Finally I had reached the guys’ cabin. I knocked on the door and Peter let me in. Nick, Eddie, Tim, Nathan and Pete had been sitting at the table playing Monopoly while watching TV.

The boys’ cabins had two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and TV, while the girls’ cabins consisted of one room that contained three bunk beds, whose mattresses were like sleeping on cardboard, and a bathroom. Edward through that was endlessly funny.

Whilst watching TV in his cabin, Tim’s iPod battery died. I was the only one who was smart enough to bring a charger, proof that men are stupid, so I suggested he plug it in at my cabin. This involved the monumental task of both of us getting to my cabin while avoiding the teachers, but we were up to the challenge. I led the way, cutting around the back of the cabins like I had before. Hendricks and Butto were gone but Mr. Holland was now patrolling the area, like a soldier looking out for the enemy. After creeping through some bushes we were clear of the boys’ cabins. Now we had to get to the girls'.

On our way there we passed the main building and I could see the silhouette of a hulking shape which was making a noise like a half blocked pipe attempting to drain water through it. On closer inspection I could see it was Cameron and Emily, making out up against the wall. That annoys me. They are the ones giving us teenagers a bad reputation. There is a time and a place and school camp was not one of them. “Oi! Get a room!” I yelled. They didn’t even flinch. It looked like they were trying to eat each other's face. Resisting the urge to give them a good kick, we pushed forward, up the hill towards the cabins.

As we are approaching our target, we hear the voice of Mr. Holland yelling, “Cameron! Emily! Break it up! That’s it you two are on cleaning duties for the rest of the camp.” My blood ran cold. I began to run and Tim followed. You can tell who wears the pants in the relationship. We bolted to my room. Once inside we locked the door, turned off the lights and sat on the floor so it was impossible for anyone to see us. Luckily my roommate was somewhere else, and I had the key.

As we caught our breath we began to laugh, realizing how close we just came to being caught. Tim plugged in his iPod and we waited for it to charge. It was now 9.30pm. Teachers came around to tell us lights out at 10 so we knew he had to get out of there soon. We also realized that if any student saw him coming out of my cabin rumors about what we were potentially doing in there would fly around the school faster then Edward to a donut.

Time was running out so I went to check if the coast was clear. No one was in sight so Tim grabbed his iPod and we went outside. As we went along the length of the cabins we broke into a run and sprinted around the corner, right into Mr. Hendricks, Mr. Buttenshaw, Mr. Holland and Ms. Rouch.

Hendricks, Butto and Holland are fun teachers, even though we knew they wouldn’t like this, but Ms. Rouch is a teacher whose very name causes a student to shudder, whose voice causes instant paralysis and whose piercing stare can get a confession out of the most hardened criminals. She was about a head shorter then me but I still wanted to cower in fear.

Head tilted up at a 45 degree angle, Ms. Rouch spoke first, “Timothy, were you in Lauren’s cabin?”

My parents have always taught my not to swear, not because it is rude, but if you swear all the time then in certain situations when you need a really strong word you don’t have one. This seemed as good a time as ever. I swore.

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