Ontario is the place to be

by Justin age 10
(Toronto, Ontario)

Ontario rocks! Did you know that Ontario is the second largest province in Canada! Ontario is also the home to the Mighty Canadian Mine Buster the longest wooden roller coaster in Canada!

Do you like skating? Well if you do then Ontario is perfect for you, because it is home to the Rideau Canal, the longest skating place in the world!!! Also Ontario has many tourist attractions, including the one the only CN TOWER!!! At its whopping 553m ( 1815ft) the CN TOWER is the world’s tallest free standing structure!!! Also Niagra Falls which is a source of hydro electricity and tourist attractions, is located at the border of Ontario and New York

Ontario’s motto is “Loyal she began loyal she remains.” The Iroquoians called Ontario “Kanadario” which means sparkling water. Ontario has many land regions including the: St. Lawrence Lowlands, the Hudson Bay Lowlands, and the Canadian Shield.

Ontario also is great for camping because more than 2/3 of Ontario is covered by forest. Also Ontario has many water ways, including the 4 great lakes that border Ontario: Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, and Lake Superior. That's why Ontario Rocks!!!

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