Only One Wizard's Curse

Adam had a very cold heart. He never cared about anyone. His actions also showed how cruel he was. Adam gambled and was a wanted thief. One day, he went on a walk in the woods. Far in the distance, he saw a chimney with smoke. He hurried to the chimney. Soon, he saw it was a small hut. Adam greedily went inside the home, for he knew no one must have been in the house.

He searched around and saw many treasures, Adam was just about to take a ring when behind him the owner returned. The owner was a wizard! Adam ran away without explaining. The wizard yelled and put a curse on Adam, "you will never get away with this! You will never get out of these woods without suffering or death!" The wizard cursed.

"That foolish wizard," Adam thought to himself. "I know these woods by heart." Then, he spotted one of the trademarks in the woods. He followed the track, but he kept seeing the same trademark. He must have been going in circles. Suddenly, he saw a path that he has never seen before. Curiously, he crept down the path, deeper into the woods.

It was getting very dark outside, he estimated it to be about an hour until midnight. Adam was getting irresistable tired. In the distance, he saw an abandoned barn. Adam decided he would rest there. He started to sleep. Moments later he heard a rustle in the hay beside him. Adam immediately turned around, he saw a black crow with bright yellow eyes. Adam shooed the bird away, but the crow immediately returned. Adam instinctively knew the crow wanted him to follow the bird. He jumped out of his bed he made out of hay.

Adam soon ventured into a misty swamp, even deeper into the woods. A twig snapped behind him, he faced around to see if anyone was following him. A slight breeze pushed him over, causing Adam to fall into the swamp. He couldn't get back up to the surface. The crow vanished. Adam slowly began to sink into the muck. Just before the marsh was covering his head a hand shot out and grabbed Adam's wrist.

Adam felt a slight tug and was pulled up to the surface. There in front of him was a witch covered in a black cape, and a pointy hat. She had evil, yellow eyes, which were familiar to those of the black crow. It was all a trap! The witch raised her finger and made a spell. Suddenly, Adam's environment changed. He was back in the town. Adam was so excited, he finally thought he was safe. But, something was wrong, no one was there, no one at all. Then, Adam started hearing whispers of ghosts and ghouls saying his name over and over in his head. Adam fell to his knees and covered his ears. The whole world turned black.

Died Midnight of October 31, 1876 London.

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