One time and one time only

by Jessica Gamper

It was dark and the sky seemed to be gray as I looked it seemed something or some one was out there so I took a look. There was an old lady saying over and over "help, they're coming, tonight's the night".

I looked up and there was no moon and the fog seemed to be getting thicker. As her words slowly slipped away I could see we were in for a night we would never forget. I turned around and the lady was gone. I ran straight for the house locking every door, waiting for my parents to get back. The fog covered everything. It seemed to be in my house then...the lights flickered and then the TV turned on turning to a channel that told me get out or die. Then all the power went off. the TV turned on again saying "you had your chance, have fun. We will."

Now the clock read 12:00 but last checked it was 7:30. Screams came from halls screaming for help screaming for their lives screaming as they died or watched their friends die.

March 25,1995
Alisa age 13 missing. People say they could here screams coming from their house.

March 25,1996
Alisa's body has been found the only thing is how did it end up here.

March 26,1996
Matt has been found.

March 27,1996
Ashly found and dead.

March 28,1996
Tommy, Jessica, Tom, Mich, Talyer, Sam, Conner, Nick, Scott and many more and here to come these kids all have been missing. Now they're dead.

March 25,1997
Now... screams

You're next.

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