One Little Can

by Dillon Loh

The sun was a tyrant. Michael held his empty drinking can in his hand. The can had become a nuisance and there was no garbage bin near by. Irritated, he threw the can on the ground. “It’s just one little can, it’s no big deal!” he thought to himself. Out of the blue, a blinding white light appeared from nowhere.

When the light cleared, he thought he was in a rubbish dump. Suddenly, a man in a white coat came running in his direction. “What are you doing here boy?” he asked. “What do you mean? Michael said. “Have you been in a coma? This is earth, the year 2050! Thanks to global warming, Earth is now uninhabitable! Now. Let’s got get on the last evacuation boat!” he said.

As they ran towards the evacuation boat, Michael kept staring at the piles of trash on the street. “Don’t be too sad! We’re all culprits!” The man said. Just when he said that, a blinding white light appeared again.

Michael was standing at that same spot where he saw the first white light. Nothing had changed – except Michael. Michael picked up the can and searched for a dustbin. “This is just one little can, but everything begins with me.”

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