Old chest

by Aly
(Ontario, Canada)

Find a nice dress to wear

Find a nice dress to wear

A few months ago, my family moved into a new house. We've heard a lot of rumours about our new house...Scary rumours.

One night my aunt and uncle were going to a party. Ms. Martin (my aunt) went into our attic to find an old dress to wear. She told Mr. Martin (my uncle) she would only be 10 minutes. After an hour, Ms. Martin did not return. Mr. Martin went up to look for her but did not check the chest she went looking in.

Years went by and no one found her.

Mr. Martin's niece Emily came over for a sleepover. When she decided to go into the attic, she saw a big beautiful chest. She went to open it, but Mr. Martin grabbed her shoulder.

"Open it" said Mr. Martin.
"Yes. Let's see what's in it."
Emily opened it.

In the chest was a blue dress with an old skeleton in it.

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