Oink, oink, oink

by Kelsey

Julie's house isn't as safe as she thought.

Julie's house isn't as safe as she thought.

Julie, Madison, Amanda and Kirsten were walking to Julie's house after school. Julie lived in a gigantic old farmhouse about 2 miles from the high school, and she invited her friends to come over. The girls had to cross through a cornfield to reach the house, which was in the middle of nowhere.

As they reached the narrow front porch of the big wooden farmhouse, Julie's phone rang. "Hold on, guys, let me answer this," she told her friends, pulling her phone out of her backpack.

"Hello?" she answered cheerfully.

A strange, crackling voice replied, "I'm in your barn."

"What?" Julie stammered.

"One little piggy in the barn. Oink oink." The man chuckled and hung up.

Julie recapped the conversation to her friends, who reassured her that it was a prank call. They all went inside and up to Julie's room, on the third floor. They were chatting nervously when Madison said that she was thirsty.

"Let's go get a drink downstairs," she suggested.

"Wait!" Amanda whimpered. "What if that guy is...down there?" They all froze, scared out of their minds.

"Let's go out my window and up to the balcony," Julie suggested. "No one can see us there." All the girls crawled out of the large window and unsteadily climbed the ladder that led to the balcony. Suddenly, they heard a shrill scream and a thud. Amanda, who was the last one out the window, had slipped and fallen three stories. She now laid in the bushes below, unconscious.

"Should we help her?"

"Yeah, c'mon!" They climbed down to the ground. By the time they got to the bottom, Amanda's body was gone. All that was left in the grass was a pool of blood.

They all gasped and grabbed each other's arms. Just then, Julie's phone rang in her pocket. Out of reflex, she answered it.


It was the same scratchy, deep voice. "One little piggy slipped off the roof. Two little piggies watching you. One is dead. Oink oink oink!"

The girls screamed and took off running in the opposite direction of the barn. Julie and Kirsten were faster than Madison, who fell behind. Panting, the girls reached the far end of the yard. Julie and Kirsten turned around, but Madison was gone. They screamed.

"We're calling the cops," Julie cried, pulling out her phone. It started ringing before she could dial 9-1-1. She answered it.

"Who is this?! What do you want?!"

The scratchy voice replied, "One little piggy tripped and fell. No one helped her, so I helped myself. Three little piggies, oink oink oink!"

Julie and Kirsten, wasting no time, scrambled for hiding spots. Kirsten hid in a pile of stones while Julie climbed an oak tree. Julie's phone rang, but she didn't answer it. She just sat in the tree and sobbed. After four rings, she could hear her answering machine go on.

'This in Julie, leave a message.' Beep!

Julie listened and cried quietly as the scratchy man's voice came on.

"One little piggy hid in stone. She was waiting all alone. I put an end to her fear and misery. Four piggies watching you. Three are dead. And guess what? The last little piggy can't run all the way home...oink, oink, oink!"

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