Obsessed With Candy

by Jack M.

A legend about a boy named Danny who was obsessed with candy. Everyday Danny would buy candy at the corner shop before and after school. He couldn't resist the sweet sugar from the mouth watering candy he bought everyday.

As the days drove by, Danny was putting on more and more weight from all the candy until, one day, Danny's mother banned him from all candy including chocolates. By this, he got very miserable each day. Danny begged his mother all day for candy but all she said was,"NO!".

One day, Danny's mother gave him some money to buy goat liver at the butchery. After walking two blocks Danny didn't enter the butchery but instead stopped and stared at a small candy shop. He couldn't stand one more day without candy and so he ran in and spent all the goat liver money to buy a handfull of candy. In just one minute Danny gobbled up all the candy he have just bought.

Danny was now getting very worried of his mother's reaction when she sees him with no goat liver but something has caught Danny's eye. An ambulance was stopping near him to pick up a nearly dead man. Danny ran in the ambulance and saw the man already dead so he managed to slit open his stomach and pull out the man's liver. Danny wiped his bloody hands on the dead man's shirt and wrapped up the human liver with foil wrapping.

Danny was now home, so he gave the liver to his mother who cooked it up not knowing that it was actually human liver. Danny ate the liver up and soon became sick so he went up to his bedroom to lie down.

At night, Danny heard strange footsteps of an uninvited guess comming down the first floor. Then there was a voice of a man saying,"Danny, Dannyyy.". Then again the same voice said,"Dannyy, Danny, I want my liver back, I'm on the first floor."

The voice came again but louder and more furious,"Dannnyyy, Dannnyy, I want my liver back, Im on the second floor!!"

This time the voice was more calm but very close, "Danny I'm right here."

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