by Meagan
(Meridian, MS)

It was a few weeks ago and let's just say the boy I like, his name is... Mike. So I was sitting in class and I do get kind of, let's say, shy around Mike so the teacher was teaching Math. Anyway I was bored so I decided to write a letter to Mike saying how I like him and everything (of couse I would never give it to him).

I wrote... Mike you may not know this but I really do like you a lot so do you want to go out with me Yes or No, From Holly (not my real name) I folded it up and stuffed it in my pocket. But I still really wanted to write a note to him anything at all so I wrote... Hey mike what's up, I think we should hang out some time do you want to? From Hy (my nickname- HollY).

Then I told my bff let's call her... Callie. I told her to pass it to Mike so she passed it across the room to Mike. After he read it he wrote something down told Holly to pass it to me and then looked at me and nodded. When I got the note it said... Sure Holly you're pretty cool, so what time do you want to hang out and then it had a ;-) on it. For some reason that made me giggle like a mainiac!

Once I had just written "After School" the teacher turned around and I had to stuff it in my pocket in a hurry! Then the teacher asked me what was so funny so I scanned the wall really quick and then said I was looking at her poster that said "Book worms are not real worms" with a picture of a human with a worm tail! She said it might be funny but I didn't have to laugh that loud then she started laughing!

After she was done laughing she turned around and continued writing on the board. I took this as an opportunity to pass the note back to him and it wasn't until after what happened that I realized what I had done. As she was passing the note the teacher saw us and had Mike bring it to the front! I wasn't really worried because the teacher didn't know my nickname and I knew Mike wouldn't rat me out. When she got it she read it out to the class and only then did I realize my mistake, It said, "Mike you may not know this but I really do like you a lot, so do you want to go out with me Yes or No, From Holly" I had given him the wrong note and worse yet it had my name on it so I was going to get into trouble!

He and the rest of the class burst out laughing while I blushed and sunk down into my seat until you could barely see my face! The next day I found out he liked me too but I refused to date him since he laughed at me, but I still secretly have a crush on him!

I had to stay in and wash the board for 30 minutes while the rest of the class went outside!


I had to correct far too many errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Please do better next time.

Everyone needs to try harder.

Phil G.

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