Not TO you...but FOR you

by Jermy
(Sin City, NV)

Ok. Picture this… on my way home from a dreadfully long day at work, cruising in my car while singing back up vocals for Fergie (fergilicious… no one can put it down like her!) My world comes crashing down as I am informed that the cable has been turned off and to add insult to injury, I do not have any rabbit ears to stick on top of my TV in hopes of watching a fuzzy version of PBS. Come on.. the antiques road show ain't that bad!

I get home, the four of us... my house mates and I scramble to entertain ourselves, to escape from the quietness of a TV free world, a world in which you have time to reflect on the madness that has become your life.

You bust your behind at work, yet you still live paycheck to paycheck and you still cannot afford the cable television that keeps you entertained, duping you into thinking all is well and allows you to live vicariously through the "lucky" few who live the good, worry-free frivolous life. You know who I'm talking about... those morons that keep reminding us that MONEY CANNOT BUY HAPPINESS.. OH YEAH??? But it sure can buy gas at a gagillion dollars a gallon! See they don't have to choose between escapism and fillin' up their gas tank so that they can go to work and bust their you know whats to live paycheck to paycheck.

The COST of living has dramatically increased, but peoples' wages have not, hence we find ourselves in a bit of a pickle... some more pickled than others.

Where was I? oh yeah.. back to the four of us... in the pickle jar. So I witness one house-mate pick up guitar hero and go buck wild (pretending to be a rock star, artfully mastering those yellow, red, and green buttons.. his goal: reaching the highest level that necessitates the elusive BLUE button, he can’t wait!). I look over at the other house-mate who is reading a magazine (reading about rock-stars and their fab lives, learning more than he ever wanted to know about some Vegas band with every flip of the page. The third house-mate is feverishly searching online for escape and reality show updates i.e. who gets kicked off of the dancing show?? The big brother show?? the singing show?? the model show?? the cooking show?? (that chef Ramsey.. he’s hard to please.. always screaming at someone who undercooked or over cooked something!) I dunno but SOMEONE is being booted off SOMETHING.. tonight!

Can’t pay my cable bill so Cable is shut off! What did I do? Well I clicked on channels 1 through 501, looking for any channel, anything to watch: DESPERATE TIMES CALL FOR DESPERATE MEASURES .... SO here is the funny thing.. When your cable provider cancels your cable television, you are allowed to watch one of three channels: Learn to speak Chinese channel (oh yeah.. thank goodness that learning a language that I will never ever USE was on my "to-do" list, (life isn't complicated enough.) the GOD channel or the PAY PER VIEW channel (PRE VIEW AWESOME movies that you COULD order if only Your Cable Was not shut off... a way for Direct TV to laugh in your face! MY Atheist self decides on the GOD channel cuz that's how I roll. Contradictions and all. So this freak was speaking to 80,000 members of some cult/ church .. 80,000 strong.. repeating the phrase: IT's NOT what happens to you, it's what happens FOR you! Meaning it's not the crap that gets thrown your way that matters, it's all purposeful crap that ultimately will lead to your "RESURRECTION!" That's what this dude was saying.. Bad stuff happens, you need to bury it... and from its ashes, you are resurrected!

You LOST your job, but of course, don't fret because this did not happen TO you, it happened FOR you. There is a plan and it involves you being canned. Eventually, you will find a ten times better job, because this was NOT the job for you..

Everything happens for a reason.. blah blah blah. I leaped up from my pseudo work out thing I was doin' while listening to this preaching Paul and had a light bulb moment: OUR CABLE HAS been shut off .. It's being done FOR us... not TO us! HOLY GUACOMOLE!

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