Not So Safe Refuge

by Brook

Back in the 1800s there was a refuge for slaves that were trying to escape to the northern states where slavery was illegal. The slaves moved on to the north. One slave in particular, Jethro Buford, was very angry at his previous owner. Jethro was beaten by him on several occassions.

So one day angry plantation owners went looking for their slaves. They stumbled upon the refuge. Fortunately, Jethro was ready. He had got other people at the refuge to help him in case of emergency. Jethro and the others took the plantation owners by suprise and burnt them in the large pellet stove that was in the kitchen. When it was Jethro's previous owners turn to be burned something happened that was not according to plan.

Jethro had a flashback of all the horrid things that had been done to him by that man. The owner took his chance and pulled Jethro into the stove with him.

Many years later after tunrnig the refuge into the house boy moved and his family moved there. One night while the parents were out the boy heard banging coming the stove. He opened it and was pulled in and burned alive. His parents had no one to come home to.

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Aug 03, 2009
by: I D

the story had a good build up, but the main part was too short.

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