Not A Very Nice Thing

by cristy esquivel
(san antonio,texas U.S.A)

In the summer of '69 there was three best friends. Their names were Jan, Nancy, and Kellie. Jan was tallest of them both, Nancy was medium, and Kellie was shortest.

One day Nancy got popular and left her friends. Jan and Kellie sneaked up behind Nancy and tapped her mouth and stuffed her in a big a sack and took her to an abandoned open desert. Jan opened the bag and Nancy jumped out and tried to escape but Kellie threw a rock that killed Nancy. Jan and Kellie quickly ran back to the car and went to their houses.

Later that night Kellie heard some noises down the hall. She got up. All of a sudan she saw Nancy. "That wasn't a very nice thing you did Kellie" said Nancy. Kellie screamed and got stabbed in the heart.

The next morning Jan decided to drop by and hang out. Little did Kellie's parents know that she was dead. Jan ran to her car and cried to tears. As Jan looked up she saw Nancy in the mirror. "That wasn't a very nice thing you did Jan!"

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