Not a joke

by Courtney
(United States)

One day i was at my friend leah's house and we went to her room. her mom found an old display of porcelain dolls on line and baught them. she put them on display in the hallway. We walked past them to get to her room. i noticed on one of them her eyes followed me in a creepy way. i ignored it and went with leah. "leah, is it just me or did one of those dolls just move?" we looked at the dolls in the hall. "Chloe, stop. there creepy, but there not alive." so we went on playing. we swam in her pool, watched a movie, and then went back to her room. she said she was going to go to the bathroom and to wait here. she lleft and no to much longer came back. "chloe, seriously. youre not scaring me. But seriously, dont touch the dolls, my mom will get mad." she said. "What are you talking about?" i asked. "Didnt you move the porcelain dolls?" she asked. "No.." we stared at eachother and then ran to her mom. and when her mom came to see, the dolls were in perfect order. she left and we went on. we shut the door so we didnt half to see them. about 5 minutes later, we heard loud moans out side the door. when we opened it there was that one doll that watched us, sitting there. we freaked out, and even called 911. they thought it was a joke, and hung up. we spent at least 30 minutes staring at it. then we shut the door. and it left. the next week i spent the night there and we were in her room painting our nails. Suddenly, we heard loud cries coming from the room we were in. we looked around and couldnt find it. Leah, frustrated, randomly said, "where is that thing?" and shockingly, there was a response. "I'M RIGHT BEHIND YOU." said a deep eerie voice. we turned around and there was the porcelain doll, right behind us. i ran away and left leah there alone. i got her om and when we got to the room, there was the doll. sitting next to another doll, that looked just like leah. i screamed and ran, her mom screaming at me this is a sick cruel joke. and now, seven years later i have a phobia of porcelain dolls. as i walked up my front poch steps, i heard the same moaning on the other side of the door. i opened it to see the porcelain doll, sitting next to two other dolls...which looked exactly like leah and her mom.

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