Noises in the house

by Katelyn Morgan Kelly

My friend summer and i had been spending the summer together well me and her decided that we would have a sleep over together one night. we decided to go to jellybeans a local skating rink in town where we hung out with our friends and maybe even boyfriends well that night there was a terrible storm blowing through and our parents had said be careful and keep your phones near you.

i will call you when i get there well summer had gone off with some of her friends and i had gone to hangout with my boyfreind, anthony we were sitting at the snack bar when all of a sudden the music truned off then the snack bar lights and everything one by one next was the video games and then all the lights now usually during a storm the emergency lights would turn on so suddenly the music truned on and then off again when sudeenly a voice came over the intercom saying "kids you better watch out you never know whats in front of you!"

all of a sudden the lights flickered and thousands of clowns were everywhere there was teo sitting in front of me and anthony at the snackbar some of the kids had tried running away me and anthony just kinda sat there laughing all of a sudden a clown came out from under the table in between me and anthony we were both very frightened so as the lights turned off again evrything was quiet well the lights turned back on and when they did anthony was gone it was me and the clowns everyone else was gone then i had found out tht the workers at jellybeans had come and whispered in the kids ears to sneak away and go outside where they could get away

the workers had missed me so as the clowns were confused i snuck away and went into the closest bathroom which was of course the boys well when i got in there the lights were out and i had managed to find a lighter on the floor that one of the boys had probably left in there so i lit a paertowel and put it on the floor and started a small fire well soon enough i noticed anthony sitting behind a wall he had been left to he bumped into a clown and ran to the bathroom

before the clown could catch him when i saw him i called his name and he didnt answer so i went over to him and found out what was wrong with him he had been stabbed in the side by one of the clowns i started crying and he started to talk i was happy and felt better because i knew he was okay so when we noticed it was quite outside of the bathroom we decided to leave

as we walked out of the bathroom we came along a body laying on the floor as i looked down i noticed it was one of the cklowns i asked anthony what had happened and he said that the clown had stabbed him and anthony had truned and stabbed him back i hurried quickly rushing anthony out of the door so we could get some help

on our way out one clown had been left beehind and it was just a kid i said anthony watch out and the kid just started crying i said to anthony go on ill be there in a minute i asked the litttle clown if he was ok and he said no i was forced to do this and imm afraid im too young to go to jail so i tok him to the snackbar and wiped all the makeup off his face so he didnt look like a clown and i gave him so regular kid clothes to put on and i said come on with me i klknow someone who you can stay with for now

i picked him up and carried him out of the door we met up with anthony and i saw him and said are you ok and he said yes and he looked at the little boy and new it was the clown and held him for me while i went and got cleaned up since i still had anthonys blood on me and so i got cleaned up and we took the little boy to the police and had told them what happned

the police had gotten his son kidnapped when the boy was only 2 years old it had b3en 2 years since he last saw his son the little boy then saID "IM FOUR YEARS LD NOW!" the police officer then notcied that the little boy was un fact his son as for anthony and i we both returned to our homes and decided to forget about what had happened when i arrived home i found my mom crying and summer sitting in my room waiting she had come straight home after the incident and told my mom i was happy to be home and decided to not go to jellybeans ever again

(Phil G: Too many errors to correct, but she wrote a lot. I hope the rest of you do better with your grammar and spelling.)

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