Nightmares on the run.

by Cb&Nd

'Jolly Joe.'

'Jolly Joe.'

One night Sophie was trying to get to sleep but she couldn't. She kept trying and trying and trying but she just couldn't get to sleep at all. Eventually she fell asleep and had a very very scary nightmare.

She pounced up from her bed and was gasping for air. Her dream was about a clown driving an ice cream van. Not a nice clown though. When the clown was arriving in your street you would hear it sing "I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream" in a hoarse voice.

The children would be put in a trance and would run out into the dark misty streets early hours in the morning for a "Special" ice cream off 'Jolly Joe The Clown'. When the kids bit into the ice cream one of their parents would be put in a trance too and eventually became little slaves for 'Jolly Joe'.

Sophie heard it that night for real. She was wide awake but was strong enough to not be put in a trance but for the next morning she found her dog, sister, parents and brother splattered all over their rooms with a letter saying "Should have had my special ice cream Sophie, for it's magic. I do revenge. Jolly Joe."

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