Nightmares, dreams and sleepwalking

by Jaime

Evil Eyes

Evil Eyes

Nightmares and Dreams, they're not so different. When you think about it, it's the same rules. Whether it is nightmare or a dream, it's a reflection of your subconscious and imagination. Sleepwalkers are people who react to their dreams more than just writhing in the bed. I have sleepwalked a couple of times when I was younger, always remembering my dreams.

The first time, I dreamt was that my parents ran away from me. I tried to reach them, but they just kept running and running. The second time, I was being chased by something in a dark corridor. I also remember one time when I felt like I was being pushed hard into a wall. When I woke up, I discovered that I had fallen out of bed.

Those times that I felt real, physical pain, it was because something happened to me when I was asleep -- like the cat stomping on my face. The point is, that when I feel real physical in a dream, then something is happening to me. Usually it's nothing to worry about, but one time was a bit spooky.

I dreamt that I was in a hotel room watching TV, when all the lights went out, all but the TV. Then, I felt as if I was going to black out when something heavy and powerful was crushing me to the bed. I could read on the TV, in big letters YOU ARE GOING TO DIE. GOT YOU NOW. DIE. It went on and on. I felt excruciating pain. If I could have cried in the dream, I would have. Suddenly, everything went black.

I woke up, looked around and checked the time. It was long after midnight. I still felt some pain in my back and my face! I turned on a light and swept my hand over my face. There was blood. I was bleeding from my nose! I have never had a nosebleed in my entire life. I went into the bathroom to wash it off. Returning to bed, I tried to go back to sleep, but not before I contemplated how odd the blood was and what could have caused it.

Maybe I hallucinated, but I can swear that I saw something sitting on the edge of my bed. I panicked, but I fell back asleep right after that. When I woke up in the morning, I still felt adrenaline and a tight feeling in my chest. I've told my friends about this and they tell my I'm crazy! Well.... I may be, but I will never forget what happened that night.

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Feb 01, 2009
That was good to read
by: Anonymous

That was good reading. Not knowing what's going to happen next. I didn't really find a twist in the tale. Maybe you got a bleeding nose because you were hot. That's how lots of people get them including me. or... that figure on the bed could have punched you. That might be why you got a pain. SCARY

Feb 17, 2008
by: Pepike14

I used it for my terminal examination. I got A to my exam! Thanks a bunch! :D

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