by Anna

"Aaah." I breathed in that 'New Apartment Smell' as I set down my suitcase. I had finally brought all my stuff over to this tiny, one-person-sized apartment I was renting that was right across the street from the college I had started going to a few weeks before. I felt fresh and happy, and ready to start my new life.

Scrub, scrub, scrub, spit, rinse. I put away my toothbrush and put on my pajamas on my first night in my new apartment. I had just climbed into my bed, when all of a sudden, a clattering sound erupted from the hallway. I jumped up and ran to my door. Opening it just a crack, I peeked outside. Spilled Windex and brooms and mops lay all over the floor, surrounding a tall, extremely thin man crouching down on his hands and knees wiping up the spilled liquid.

"Can-can I help you, sir?" I asked hesitantly.
The man turned around, knocking over a bucket of water as he did so.

"No," he growled, "It's a janitor's job. If that clumsy wheel on my cart hadn't broken, I'd be headed home by now." He sighed wiping up the last of the water. He carefully placed the Windex, mops and brooms back in place on the cart. He pushed it slowly down the hall, muttering to himself as he walked.

Suddenly, he stopped. He turned around to face me and said with a sneer, "Oh, ya miss. I best be warnin' ya'. Keep on ye'r toes. They'll be haunting ya'too, ya' know, just like they done to everyone else in this damned building. Don't believe me? Just watch. You'll see. He-he-he." With that, he turned on his heel and, whistling an eerie tune, walked back down the dark hallway. I shuddered. Even though I'm not a big believer in ghosts, he sounded pretty convincing.

I looked around me warily, then ran inside my apartment and bolted the door. Whoosh. My eyes opened slowly. What was that? I got up groggily and looked at the clock; 2:34 it read. Whoosh. I heard the weird noise again. Hmm. The noise was coming from the hallway again. I got up wearily and shuffled to the door. Just as I was about to turn the knob, I had second thoughts. What if something dangerous was out there? I took my hand of the knob and slowly raised my eye to the peephole. There, in the middle of the hall, was a tall figure dressed in white, tilting its chin down so I couldn't see its face. And it was dancing. Ok, 'dancing' is not the right word. More like 'Moving like It was having a heart attack.' It's arms flailed out in quick, jarring motions, while its head twisted to the sides violently. I couldn't watch any longer. I flung the door open and rushed to the thing, because I thought It was dying. Just as I got close, It vanished.

If I had been scared because of the janitor, I was really scared now. I looked around the quiet, empty 2nd floor apartment hallway, and felt a chill run down my spine. This wasn't normal. That night, I went to sleep with one eye open.

I walked to the elevator with a steaming cup of coffee in my hand. I was ready to go to college, but with less enthusiasm than I had had before. At the university, I couldn't concentrate. All the words in my science book, turned into the creepy janitor's words. During math, everyone who walked by me became the creepy thing dancing in the hallway. Finally, wild-eyed and scared, I decided to go home to study.

Big Mistake.

As I climbed into the elevator to go up to my room, the door shut quickly behind me closing me in. I was scared to death that the elevator wouldn't move and I would be trapped in there, left to die. Ok, probably not. But still. After what seemed like a century long, the elevator started moving. I sighed with relief. But just as I thought my fears were over, I saw through the holes in the elevator that we were passing someone. But he just stood there, and as we got close enough that we were face to face (This wasn't a fancy hotel elevator either, it was one of those creepy, rusty elevators with holes.) I saw that his chin was tilted down with a shock of dark hair covering the rest of its face. I started to hyperventilate, until I saw that it was much shorter than the other thing. TWO? That did it. I fainted right on the spot.

I rolled over. Oh, thank you. It had all been a dream. The ghosts, the creepy janitor, the elevator. Very, very slowly I opened my eyes.
"Aaaaaah!" I screeched. A thin ash-white face lay next to mine its eyelids open revealing a pair of unaturally blue eyes. Dark hair flopped over its face.

A DEAD PERSON! A DEAD PERSON WAS IN MY BED! I screamed and jumped to my feet. I didn't even bother to check the thing and see if it was really dead. I just bolted out of there. As I was running like a mad-man down the hall, I ran straight into the creepy janitor.


We collided, sending us both reeling backwards.
"Arrrr,' said the janitor,"First the ghost knocks me over and now YOU." But I didn't listen to his complaints.

"G-g-ghost?" I stammered,"You mean those p-people are actually GHOSTS?"

"Yes miss. That's what I've been tryin' to warn ya' about. I've warned everybody who's ever moved into the damned complex, but they wouldn't listen to me. They NEVER listened until it was too late. And your time," he said jeering down at me as he got to his feet," is almost up. It'd be wise of you to leave now, while you have the time." I thought about that.

I had just got here and already there were problems. I sighed. I decided to stay one more night, but just because I needed to make the arrangments. I called the moving van company and told them to come at 9 o'clock the next morning. I also called my real estate agent and told them to find me a new apartment.

I lay on my bed thoroughly exhausted. This was the last night in my new apartment. I had really loved it too. I sighed. I had totally forgotten about the ghosts.


"Times up," said a creepy voice from out of nowhere, "They're ba-ack."

Oh, no. No! I clamped my eyes shut and bit my lip, praying desperately that it was all just a dream. I knew I had to face the harsh reality, when I felt my blanket being pulled down slowly. I felt myself fading and rising into the air I looked down. I could see hundreds of ghostly figures below me. That's why I never met any of the tenants, I thought, they were all in here, waiting for me to join them.

The ghosts rose up next to me and I could here them whooshing and swooshing all around me. Finally, I felt myself stopping in mid-air. I screamed for the last time as I was turned around and stood looking at the face of death.

Be careful.

You could be next.

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