Never stay out late

by Ariana Antonelli
(Frankfort, IL, USA)

"That's not funny!" Emma exclaimed to a boy in her class named Jeremy. Jeremy loved to scare Emma because he knew that Emma was the easiest girl to scare in the world. This time, Jeremy had hung a fake skeleton in Emma's locker and when anyone opens it, it pops out. "It's just a joke!" Jeremy said.

"Children" their teacher said "Please come in the classroom". The children slowly walked in. As they walked in, Emma whispered "I'll get you back, Jeremy" Jeremy stopped "You always say that" He said in a satisfied way. "Well, maybe someday" Emma whispered to herself.

TIIIINNNGG! The bell rang. Emma slowly made her way out of the classroom, got her books, and left school.

On the bus ride home, Emma couldn't stop thinking about Jeremy's cruel joke. "I have to get him back" Emma thought to herself. The next day, Emma ran into Jeremy when she was walking into school. "Oh No" Emma muttered. "Look" Jeremy started "I'm really sorry about yesterday" "Sure" Emma said. "Well" Jeremy said then stopped talking for a while "Sorry" Jeremy said "Well I want to know if you want to go out" Emma stopped "You're joking, I just know it". Emma had never had a boyfriend before, she was only 11 and in the fifth grade. "No" Jeremy said seriously "I decided to stop scaring you, well, my mom decided that, but, I kinda always liked you" Emma felt her heart stop. "Weelll.." Emma stuttered. "Ok" Emma said, trying not to act shy. "Ok" Jeremy said "Pick you up at 8 to go to the park" "Ok, bye!" Emma said.

Emma couldn't wait until 8. The doorbell ran "He's here!" Emma said to herself. She quickly ran to the door and opened it. "Hey, you ready?" Jeremy said. Emma quickly said "Yes" and got out of her house as soon as possible and down to the park.

When they got to the park, they found a hole in a fence going to Mr. Ketlen's yard. Mr. Ketlen was a creepy old man who lived in a deserted house. "Let's go check it out!" exclaimed Jeremy. "No!" Emma said. "He's going to find us and then who knows what is going to happen to us!" Emma yelled. "Fine" Jeremy said dissapointed "Then I'll just go myself." Jeremy started to walk down the hill, through the fence, and onto the stones to his yard, all before Emma could say a thing.

Emma sat on the swings alone thinking "What will happen?, What should I do?" All these questions, yet no answer.

A couple of minutes later, Emma heard a faint voice coming from Mr. Ketlen's yard. "One down....You're next!" Emma jumped, them realized something "Jeremy! I know it's you! You're so mean! I thought you said you were done playing jokes on me" Emma said. Emma got a reply in a crackly, dried out voice "It isn't Jeremy." the voice said in a low whisper. "Sure" Emma said. Emma felt a cool breeze against her face.

"HELPP!" called a voice from somewhere in Mr. Ketlen's yard. "I know it's you Jeremy" Emma yelled back. She looked into the sky and it was almost pitch black out. Mr. Ketlen's yard was kinda in the forest.

"Maybe I should ditch him" Emma thought to herself. "I know it's kinda mean, but all he did to me was even worse, anyway, it's going to be dark soon, my mom will freak if I come home too late." So, Emma started to run into the forest.

When she was half way into the forest she heard a voice somewhere behind her. "Run all you want, I'm still gonna getcha!" Then a howl and she turned around to find a dog holding Jeremy's head in its mouth. "Jeremy!" Emma shrieked "I'm so sorry! Jeremy you can't leave me!" "Too late" said the dog in a low voice. Emma stood there in shock. First of all, where could she go? Why was that dog talking? Where did that dog come from? Most importantly, what was it going to do with her?

Emma backed away slowly, but as she backed away, the dog came closer. "Where did you come from?" Emma asked in horror. Then that was when Emma noticed the scratch across the dog's face that was shaped as a capital "Z". "It couldn't be" Emma said to herself in shock. "Well, if you're not talking about Mr. Ketlen then you're right, for I am Mr. Ketlen." said the dog. "What!" yelled Emma "I've got to go tell my parents!" Emma exclaimed but as she was about to run, the dog bit her head off.

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