by Mariah

In the darkest room of the darkest house on Plonty Island sits a boy named Andrew. Not a single light is on in the entire house and not a single ray on light shines inside. He sits motionless in a wheelchair. He is covered in several blankets but he is neither hot nor cold. His face is as stern as a brick and his mind is blank.

The rage in him is subsiding. Until the knock at the door, He decides to ignore it; he cannot control himself in his circumstances and if he answers it he is afraid of what he will do. The knocking rages on becoming louder and louder until it becomes like a hammer banging on his head. He tries to calm himself but there is no stopping his anger.

He rolls himself to the door slowly and as quietly as he can. He positions himself cunningly beside the hinge of the door. Then he very slowly opens it so that the person knocking will not be able to see him. He waits and surly enough curiosity gets the best of the visitor and they enter the house.

“Hello?” the voice of a woman asks expecting an answer. Just as she gets inside far enough he slams the door closed behind her. Andrew has trapped the stranger and in complete darkness there is no escape. She screams but does not move, because she is too scared to move one muscle. He quietly rises from his wheel chair, certain that he doesn’t make a sound. Then he approaches the women. Andrew is possessed and he has no control over his body. He hits the women over the head with one swift punch and she is unconscious and vulnerable to the disturbing desires of Andrews’s new personality.

She wakes up with a crippling headache but what she sees around her is far worse then could ever be imagined. She surrounded by water. All around her the clear water is stained with red. She feels something swim against her leg and scratch it. She can now feel the movements in the water. She screams and tries to swim to the edge of the pool. But she is no match for the creature looming in the deep. As she thrashes the crimson, bloody water she is covered in it. She is now victim to reality most terrifying. She hears a soft song beckoning her.

It is hypnotizing and she soon finds herself floating on her back waiting for her cruel destiny. She feels the water ripple around her and feels a presence approaching. All of the sudden a creature rises from the water, a creature that she has never seen before. Its face blue and green reflecting the water. Scales cover its whole body and it has gills.

She begins to cry as it approaches her, its black eyes glued to hers. The creature takes its time and as it comes centimeters from her face it opens its mouth revealing the huge fangs. It grabs her neck in its jaws and shakes its head tearing a chunk of flesh from her body.

The sinister creature's thirst for blood has been quenched and it rises from the pool, tail turns into legs and scales into skin. Then Andrew returns to his human form and sits in his wheelchair, waiting for his next victim.

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