Mysterious Death

by Steven
(Evergreen Terrace)

Around midnight, two loved ones were driving home in a car from their honeymoon. They got lost so they ended up in a deserted road with no cars or houses. The road stretched about 90 km away so you couldn't see anything ahead.

About halfway the car stopped because there was no more gas. While the woman was sleeping, the man got out of the car to get some gas.

Around 12:35, the woman was disturbed by trees outside that were making alot of noises. She didn't care so she just slept through out the whole night still hearing the trees.

When morning came, the woman woke up surrounded with police and investigators who all looked very curious and confused. The woman's husband still hasn't returned.

Then one police came up to her with a very strange look on his face and said, "do not look behind you." Refusing to do so, the woman looked back to find the body of her husband dead, hung on the trees.

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