My Worst Nightmare

by Laura

Stay away from graveyards

Stay away from graveyards

It was about 9 pm. There was an eerie feel towards the night. As the light started to fade around me, I slowly turned back from my long walk down Gargoyle Road.

Gargoyle Road is nearly always deserted, so it already has an uneasy atmosphere. I walked passed the spooky churchyard. I shined my torch towards it. The supernatural mist was slowly starting to rise from the graves. Rumour has it that this particular churchyard is hexed. A cold shiver tingled down my spine. I slowly carried on plodding down this deserted road. And that is when my terrible ordeal began.

I began to hear footsteps behind me. I looked around in every direction with my torch but no-one was there. As another cold and deadly shiver tingled down my spine I trembled with fear. The footsteps became louder. “who…who’s there?” I nervously requested. There was no reply. “who…who’s there?” c..c..come out and show yourself.” I was grabbed from behind. As two great big hands like the paws of a bear were crushing my neck I pleaded in terror. “Please! Stop! Please don’t hurt me!” “Shut it pipsqueak. One more mumble out of you and you’ll wish that you would have never been born!”

It was a deep voice with a Scottish accent. I could tell it was a man. He punched me repeatedly, gagged me, tied me up and chucked me into the back of his van. I thought I would never see my loving family again. As big tears rolled down my face, I sat there helplessly, hoping that somehow I would get out of this situation alive.

Finally the van came to a halt. The back doors opened. He pulled me out of the van with great force. I got a glimpse of his face. He had a beard, he had his eyebrow pierced and his left ear pierced. He shoved me into a dark and smelly basement where he chained me up to the wall like a dog. I have never been so scared in all my life.

Remember those graves I saw in the churchyard? I thought I was going to become one of those if I didn’t get out of this alarming location.

It was pitch black. I couldn’t see a thing. I heard chains clanking, doors creaking, the wind howling in pain. I sat there, day after day, suffering in this dark and smelly basement, until finally, I broke free from the awful rusty chains that were strapping me to the rotten walls of this great big mansion. And when I did, I ran for my life and phoned the police!

Thankfully I got out of there still in one piece and the man who did this to me, has a sentence for life in jail. I have never been down Gargoyle Road since that fateful day when I could have lost my life. I will never know why this terrifying man attacked me and kept me locked up in that dark and smelly basement, but I am just glad that I have been given a second chance to see my loving and caring family again.

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Dec 30, 2007
Pretty neat!
by: maryam

Hey, it's pretty good, keep it up!

Dec 29, 2007
by: IMO

It would help to know the age/grade range so that it is obvious what will be learned and what has been missed. In regards to the story, it has its clear intro, climax, and conclusion. Good imagery and use of adjectives. Try to encourage your imagination in regards to story themes, but good creativity with the one you chose. Keep it up!!

PhilG: I do have a section for supplying comprehensive story reviews. You seem to have lots of constructive things to say. Simply follow the title instructions in Story Reviews when submitting your review.

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