My Sister's Accident

by Sophie
(Toronto, Ontario)

at the hospital...

at the hospital...

Last year, my sister was in a terrible accident. It wasn't a car accident or anything like that. My sister's head got split open when she was sleeping.

She was rolling in bed and her head somehow hit the corner, and her head was immediately split open. Blood was pouring everywhere! It was about 2AM when I heard my mother crying and my dad calling 911.

I woke up and everthing was a blur and the next thing I knew I was alone at my house with noone but my brother beside me.

When my sister was at the hospital the doctors "fixed" the hole on her head and she recovered. It was really scary! I was just 7 when that happened.

I'm glad to say my sister's nice and healthy and she's more careful when she sleeps. Sometimes I still get frightened that my sister will get injured again but I guess I have to just hope for the best.

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