My Shadow Stalker

I was walking home from school by myself like I normally do but for some strange reason I felt like there was someone watching me. I just wanted to go home because it was Friday and I was going to watch a film with my friends so I started to run.

I was finally near my house. I started to sprint but I couldn't move because someone had put their hand around my mouth and they were now pulling my hair ferociously. I tried to scream for help but he pushed on my mouth harder than ever. That's when I saw his hand, it was a shadow!

I managed to squeeze through a gap under his arm and pulled free. I ran home and told my mum everything. Soon after my mum said that she felt as if something had walked through her or over her grave! I went to bed. I woke up when I heard banging in my closet. I got up and opened it. The shadow put its hand over my mouth again. My eyes began to water. I cried silently and it hit his hand. He disappeared!

I realised that the only weapon I could use was water! It was finally over!

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